An Introduction to the Modern Dinosaur

When you walk into a toy store anywhere in the world you are always encountered by the typical dinosaurs. A T-Rex, a stegosaurus, maybe even a Pterodactyl. Children always love them, however, they very rarely show the Modern Dinosaur. Or, how a modern scientist understands ancient dinosaurs, rather. Dinosaurs were not the massive green lizards we once thought they were. Dinosaurs were complex creatures, and modern media often gets that wrong. Let’s start this blog by setting the facts straight;

What Are Dinosaurs?

  • Dinosaurs first arrived on our lovely earth about 230 million years ago
  • These towering creatures ruled the earth for about 135 million years
  • Recently, many feather or feather-like fossils have been discovered
  • However, most dinosaurs did not fly or even glide (

Dinosaurs are divided into three main classes

  • Sauropods: These dinosaurs were herbivores with long heads, necks, and tails. The brachiosaurus and diplodocus are part of this family.
  • Theropods: These were carnivorous, fearsome dinosaurs that walked on two legs. These massive dinosaurs are some of the most recognizable, like the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • Ornithischia: The armored, herbivore dinosaurs fell into this class. Examples include the Stegosaurus and Triceratops.(

When dinosaurs lived-The Mesozoic era: This era is divided into three periods: Triassic, Jurassic, and cretaceous

  • Triassic: During this period many small, fast dinosaurs were welcomed to the earth
  • Jurassic: During this time many large dinosaurs developed
  • Cretaceous: This period held many of the most recognizable dinosaurs, like the T-Rex. At the end of this period, there was a massive extinction and the Mesozoic era ended. Now that we’ve got the basic dinosaur information down we will be able to further explore dinosaur discoveries in future blog posts. As with all scientific research, the world of dinosaurs is expanding each and every day. Although media may often not portray them in the most accurate sense (where are the dinosaurs with feathers?!) learning about dinosaurs is a fascinating thing to explore and hopefully, all those reading this blog discovered something new about dinosaurs. (

Sources for information in this blog post:


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