An Appreciation Post for Pterosaurs

        Although Pterosaurs are not technically dinosaurs it is still important to acknowledge their existence during the Mesozoic Era. I would not feel right running a blog about dinosaurs without including the iconic Pterodactyl in it. This fear inspiring, flying creature lived in slightly different forms during all of the Mesozoic Era ( Pterosaurs, or pterodactyls as we know them, belong to the taxonomic order Pterosauria ( All flying reptiles during the Mesozoic Era belonged to this order and were, in fact not dinosaurs. They were, however, the first vertebrates to fly (

            This blog post goes out to you, Pterosaurs. Thank you for dealing with us commoners frequently misidentifying you as dinosaurs or birds. Thank you for having that silent ‘P’ – it has inspired many jokes and helped me win a spelling contest. Thank you for striking fear into the hearts of all of Jurassic Park’s (fictional) visitors. Most importantly though, thank you for being so gosh darn cool.

Photo Source

A Haiku* to Pterosaurs

Pterosaurs can fly

They are creatures of the sky

Dinosaurs are not**


*Please excuse me Pterosaurs, I am not a skilled enough poet to write an Ode to Pterosaurs.

**Many modern birds descended from dinosaurs, but the Mesozoic Era dinosaur could, fortunately, not fly (



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