Are You Smarter Than a Dinosaur?

As humans, we tend to think of ourselves as the brightest of the bunch, and for living mammals that may be the case – but what about dinosaurs? Are we genuinely smarter than them? Some recently discovered fossilized brain tissue may help solve the mystery.

In Sussex, England (2004) they discovered a small lump of what proved to be a dinosaur brain. ( Here is a video explaining what this means for future research, and how they plan to preserve the brain:


Now that’s all well and dandy but we still haven’t answered our question: are you smarter than a dinosaur? One of the things that make humans so intelligent is the size of our brain compared to our bodies. Dinosaurs, unfortunately, usually had pretty small brains compared to their bodies. They also only had to be smart enough to survive in the world they were living in, so to say, they only had to be smart enough to get food. According to Bob Strauss, a dinosaur expert for, “If you met a live Velociraptor today, it would probably strike you as slightly dumber than a chicken”. So it is safe to say that we humans are smarter than dinosaurs, however, that may only be because we had to adapt to be. (



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