Kanye West: The T-Rex of the 21st Century

Think of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. These ferocious beasts are often stereotyped. People think of them as the scariest, biggest beasts of the Jurassic world. In reality, the T-Rex lived during the cretaceous period and was ~40 feet long, or, about the size of a bus (nationalgeographic.com). The longest dinosaur, however, was the Supersaurus vivianae which measured about 111 feet. (bbc.com)

Now let’s talk about Kanye West. He has been stereotyped for years as an unintelligent musician. Untalented, unwise and, essentially, annoying. To the general public, Kanye West takes up valuable space that could be used for another, more talented, artist. Let’s be honest though: Kanye West is accomplished and skillful.

West is committed to his career. He’s produced songs like Alicia Keys “You Don’t Know My Name”, and Mariah Carey “Stay the Night”, among many other hits (Rolling Stone). He is an entrepreneur, a recording artist, and a fashion designer. West is known for using the human voice as a tool. Listen to any of his music – from “Gold Digger” to “Jesus Walks” to “FourFiveSeconds”- West has recorded a variety of music that highlights the beauty of the human voice.  “Jesus Walks” encapsulates the beauty of Kanye West as an artist.

West’s debut fashion line pushes the limits. As an entrepreneur, he takes risks. He is so insanely devoted to his career that he recorded an album with a broken jaw. Kanye West is not only dedicated to his career – he also finds time to spend with his wife Kim Kardashian West and his children North West and Saint West. Kanye is a phenomenal family man and working man, and is stereotyped as a typical unintelligent rapper.

Similarly, the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s good qualities often go unnoticed. They are often seen as disruptive and scary to the public eye. Kanye West and the T-Rex, however, both had roles to play in society and both changed the way people (or dinosaurs) around them acted. Kayne inciting laughter at his often ridiculous persona and the T-Rex inciting fear at the smaller creatures around it.








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